Someday . . .

You live in an illusion that people like you. It is not true. You think that the people that know of you have a certain liking towards you. You are wrong. It is not true.

You bring in a past where they knew of you to reason their present likeness towards you. You think they are still there. You think they are waiting for you. You think that the time is still. Sorry, but the times have changed, they have moved, far ahead, you are only where you started or not even there. Maybe you still need to start.

You are living in a bubble. You are living in an imaginary space. You don’t know what the real space is.

Actually you don’t know nothing at all. You are a nobody. But let me tell you, when you know nothing you have an opportunity to learn anything and everything that interests you.

You are alone.

But what do you do now from here?

You have nothing to lose, you don’t even have a comfort zone so you can play it all. When you have nothing to lose you can bet it all.

And mark my words you will emerge a winner because life has taught you not any closed door, sober institution. Life is wild.

You only need a single-minded approach towards what you intend to achieve.

And then someday ALL OF THEM will say, “We knew him” and some will say, “We even loved him”.

You just perform.


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