A Refuge and an Escape

So, you are back again . . .


The diary asks, “So, you are back again?”

The writer responds, “I don’t have any other place to go, it is only in your singled lined pages that I seek a refuge.”

A refuge or an escape?

Actually both.

No, you have to choose one.

Ah, I don’t follow, will choose both.

Follow them with a valid reason then.

Oh yes, I will give reasons for both. I seek a refuge in your structure in order to secure my musings which will be lost in the air of disbelief if I just keep them within me. The mind is like a godown, a warehouse. You keep storing the stock there and when the place is full, choked up to the mouth, you need to clear that space.

Space is limited. Thoughts are unlimited. I am a thinking person. In such a refuge I seek shelter for my concerns otherwise there are chances of them getting rotten in that stuffed godown.

And an escape?


Why an escape?

Oh yes, I am not a people’s person. I often make a fool of myself when I say what I think should be said. But it is not that simple. Thinking and speaking are different altogether.

I am curious, in what sense?

You cannot sit in isolation for a month and then go outside to claim that you are one of the best speakers. It will never happen. For if you think you can talk you will end up hurting both the listener and the speaker i.e. you. Therefore I have chosen to be quite. It is not just a physical escape from an outer world but also a mental escape.

And do I grant you a permission for such accommodation?

Even if you don’t I will encroach upon this space. This is my world. Empty pages, blank pages are a writer’s reality they are not a mirage.

The diary says, “it’s an honor to have you back here’

The writer emphasizes, “In all my modesty, it is my sole right to be here. I belong here.”


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