They sit together, they feast together

The June nine sun is shining. A cool breeze blows sporadically. Every once in a while it brushes off the perspiration gathered by the pressure in the air of a June nine hot and humid partly summer partly monsoon day.

In the shade of an 11’o clock sun a woman washes clothes by prioritizing them as and how when they are worn. The garments intended to be worn under other garments go first in the revolving pit of a washing machine followed by every other article of clothing worn above such garments.

A systematic order reveals itself in her washing pattern.

In the kitchen, a man prepares articles of source of nourishment. Washing onions under the flowing tap water he dries them with his onion colored apron, chops them finely and places them neatly into the pan by sliding them with a knife. The pan holds a sun. Its deep base allows the oil to form a round shape where the burning oil resembles the burning sun on a June nine hot and humid partly summer partly monsoon day.

In a sudden impression of resemblance he wonders about the presence of two sun, two burning bodies – the one feeding us and the other that they feed on.

On a thin black plastic wire are hung the freshly washed articles of clothing smelling of the fragrant washing powder. The air in the compound is filled with the washing powder fragrance, that frothy fragrance.

The woman enters the bathroom. Clothes are washed. Body is to be bathed.

On a table is placed freshly made onion settled omelet, completing the color pattern is the steaming hot brown colored tea. The man reads the newspaper and waits.

The woman comes out, hangs-up the towel in the little space left on a thin black plastic wire. Her hair are wet, droplets of water find their way by shaping them around her ear and then pass on to her neck. She finds her way by bowing herself across the freshly washed fragrance filled clothes. A newspaper is placed aside, the tea is poured into the cups. A gaze is caught and a smile is shared.

And then, they sit together and they feast together on a June nine hot and humid partly summer partly monsoon day.


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