A Conversation – Part II

Are you into the catering business?

I don’t think I am capable of indulging in any sort of business let alone catering.

But are you in the catering business?

No, I am not.

Then why don’t you say what you must say?

What must I say?

You don’t know what it is?

Yes, I don’t think I know what it is. You tell what I must say?

That’s it. You are in the catering line of work. You want to be ordered or suggested in order to create. You need somebody else’s approval in order to get to know what you want to say. Look, if I order you to say THIS you will say SO, I assume this because you ask me to tell what you must say. And that is how you work in catering – this food, this not, this much and this much not . . . isn’t it?

But . . . to . . . if . . . I . . .

What but, if, to, I . . . where is your own expression? Why don’t you express?

In order to speak one must have a voice.

So, you don’t have a voice?

I do.


But it is just a voice, it is not The Voice.

What do you mean by The Voice?

A voice of reason. A voice of passion that urges you to act. In such action you attempt to know the past, examine the present and imagine the future.

So, how do you get that The Voice?

I don’t know. I look within and see myself beaming with optimism (not blinkered though) and opinion. Such an optimism and opinion is driven by emotion and intellect respectively. But when I look around and about my external space I see a deep chasm between where I am standing and a world of which I want to be a part of.

How do you cross that chasm?

I don’t know . . . or I do.


I am the one in a commanding position in this case because it all depends on my will – to act. I have made a choice. I have chosen this life so I will have to be aware of the wind that will fly me across that chasm. A wind rising & flowing from my own ability to act.

You really mean that?

I mean it and I live it.

Then who do you blame for suppressing this emotion.action.wind of yours?

Oh, I am responsible for any harm that I have inflicted upon myself. It is there because I have allowed it to be there. I let other fingers and tongues pointed at me by myself giving them the authority. I feel bad because I did it out of concern and not out of contempt. Hence I myself allowed me to be a caterer.

Well, well you certainly have some voice. I was not wrong instead was just being pushy.

It’s nice if someone pushes you. It lets you discover your own self. I like being pushed for on the next step lies an opportunity and an improvement.

Remember, you don’t have to be a caterer again.


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