“This is your Soul talking”

“दिल भरा है, कोई बात दबी है भीतर, कुछ कहना है उसे। आस पास कोई नहीं, न कोई जान और न ही कोई अनजान। आसुओं पर से विशवास उठ गया है अब उसका, अकेले में बहाओ तो लौट कर तुम्हारे पास ही चले आते हैं ये , किसी का साथ हो कोई ग़म की बात हो, दोनों इकठ्ठे रोएं तो कुछ बात है। दर्द बटे तभी तो दर्द घटे । ये बेचैनी अकेले  होने की अब नोच रही है उसे, मन बेचैन रुह बेचैन आंखें ढूंढ रही हैं कोई साथी “


On a dark lonely night where in his every possible and visible gaze is confusion, where a heart is full, the throat is choked with emotion, where the eyes are heavy for the tears will roll down any moment – A man cries, he cries in isolation, looks around for someone to console him, he is looking for that voice – a voice.

And then a voice comes rushing somewhere from within . . .

You will be more patient because the kind of work that you want to do, the kind of stories that you want to tell will only fructify with such patience. The path that you tread on is a lonely one – you know it so please accept it. Please do, I am your soul talking, yours is a lonely one – be confident of it, it is a long journey, it is a difficult journey but the best thing as of now is that you know that it is long and difficult. Be proud of that, you are a true soul, a goldmine . . .

You can tell stories.

You will tell stories.

And you will tell many of them.

Start liking yourself, start loving your own self because you hate yourself too much, go easy buddy. Smile and breath for the life is beautiful, you are a beautiful soul.


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