A Conversation

How to make a film?

You make it by writing it. The journey starts from taking a pen to a paper or the tips of your fingers to a keyboard. You may be unaware of where you are headed when you first start writing (which is the most often) but stay there, hold that pen, shape your fingers hovering as it is upon the keys as each word that you write will be a seed for the next one. Words then form sentences, sentences then form a structure. That is how you write and that is how you keep writing and that is how stories are told.

Keep holding the pen. Keep hovering the fingers upon the keys.

Well that doesn’t answers how to make a film.

Yes, it doesn’t because I never answered it, I don’t know the answer to it.

Then why do you say by writing it?

That is how I think you can attempt to make a film. Writing is like giving birth, bringing something new to life. You look around, observe, you listen the unsaid, notice the undone and then you write. That is how you tell stories. I don’t know how to make a film but I do know how to give it a reason to start – by writing it.

Isn’t that oversimplified?

Oh yes, it is. But that is how it should be. Complexities around have the potential to drive you insane and render you voiceless. Brick by brick you simplify (or oversimplify) such complexities and then attempt doing what you intend to do with such reality.

What about consequences?

Actions are yours, deal with the consequences on your own.

Have you heard of dependence?

Oh yes, it is a disgusting noun.

Why do you say so is love not synonymous with dependence?

Look, you are depending on me for an answer. Answer it for yourself. Like I said dependence is a disgusting noun. It paralyses you to reason and question and therefore you are devoid of any answers.






Just when I suggested you to ask questions you went silent. It is your choice but remember – dependence is a disgusting noun.


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